2017 Term 3 Primary School Preparation Synonyms/Antonyms

1. bad evil, wrong, mean,
  good virtuous, right, honourable,
2. bare naked, nude, uncovered,
  adorned dressed, attired, covered,
3. barbaric uncivilised, coarse, cruel,
  cultivated civilised, cultured, gracious,
4. basic elementary, essential, fundamental,
  secondary complementary, inessential, supplementary,
5. beautiful lovely, pretty, appealing,
  ugly gross, awful, unattractive,

6. begin start, commence, initiate,
  end, stop, complete, cease
7. benefit, aid, assist, enhance
  harm, damage, impair, deprive,
8. benign, beneficial, gracious, healthful
  malign, malicious, vicious, malignant,
9. big, large, huge, enormous
  small tiny, little, bantam
10. birth, delivery, nativity, creation
  death, demise, end, extinction

11. blame, accuse, condemn, reproach
  acquit, forgive, excuse, absolve
12. bless, laud, glorify, sanctify
  curse, damn, accuse, swear
13. boring, unexciting, dull, commonplace
  interesting, exciting, fascinating, eventful
14. bottom base, basis, ground
  top peak, summit, pinnacle
15. brave, bold, courageous, valiant
  cowardly, afraid, fearful, craven

16. break, damage, destroy, smash
  fix, mend, unite, make
17. briefly, quickly, momentarily, temporarily
  lengthy, long-windedly, protractedly, permanently
18. bright shining, radiant, glowing
  dark, dim, dull, gloomy
19. brutal cruel, vicious, savage
  gentle, kind, generous, compassionate
20. build make, construct, assemble
  destroy demolish, destruct, dismantle

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.