2018 Term 4 High School Preparation Blocks

1. Techn-

skill, art – Greek

  • Technician – a craftsman, a mechanic
  • Technique* – a skill, a craft, expertise, craftmanship; a method, a manner
  • Technocrat – an expert (a scientist or engineer) who has political influence or power
  • Technologist – an expert in a specific field of technology (technologists completed more demanding courses than technicians and they have more responsibilities than technicians)
  • Technology – the practical application of scientific knowledge

2. Tetr-

four – Latin

  • triad – a group or set of three similar things
  • triangle – a shape (a polygon) with three sides and three angles
  • tripod – a stand with three legs
  • trimaran – a sailing boat with three separate hulls
  • trinity – the unity of the three persons of the Christian Godhead
  • trio* – a group of three musicians or performers
  • triplet* – one of three offspring born at a single birth

3. Tyrann-

terrible, tyrant – Greek

  • Tyrannosaur – a very large, bipedal, meat-eating dinosaur
  • Tyranny – despotism, dictatorship, an autocracy; a cruel and oppressive government
  • Tyrant – a despot, a dictator, an autocrat; a cruel and oppressive ruler

4. Text-

weave – Latin

  • Text* – written words, wording, a book, contents, a passage, a narrative; printed or written matter
  • Textbook – a reference book, a standard work, an instruction manual
  • Textile – a fabric, a material, a cloth
  • Texture – the surface, structure or feel of a material

5. Tox-

poison, arrow, bow – Latin

  • Toxaemia – blood poisoning
  • Toxicity – the degree to which a toxin can be harmful
  • Toxin – a poisonous substance produced by an organism
  • Toxicology – the study of poisons

6. Tempor-

time – Latin

  • Temp – a temporary employee; a short-term worker
  • Tempo* – rhythm, cadence, beat, meter; the pace of a piece of music
  • Temporality – the linear progression of time

7. Theos

god – Greek

  • Theocracy – a government that is ruled by religious leaders
  • Theologian – a lecturer in theology
  • Theology – the study of religious beliefs and religions

8. Therap-

serve – Greek

  • Therapeutics – the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and care of patients
  • Therapist – a psychologist, a counsellor
  • Therapy – a remedy, a cure; treatment for physical ailments or mental

9. Ten-

hold, keep – Latin

  • Tenability – credibility, plausibility; capable of being held or maintained in an argument
  • Tenacity – determination, perseverance, firmness, persistence; holding fast; being able to grip something firmly
  • Tenant – holder, resident, occupant
  • Tenet – a doctrine, a dogma, a belief; a principle held to be true
  • Tenure – occupation, possession, tenancy, incumbency; holding a property or a position/job

10. Test-

witness – Latin

  • Testament – a bequest, a will, a testimony; someone’s will (saying what should be done with their money and property when they die)
  • Testator – a bequeather, a testate; someone who has made a will or given a legacy
  • Testimony – a statement, evidence, proof; a formal statement by a witness (in a court of law)
  • Testimonial – a recommendation, a character reference; a formal letter or endorsement of someone’s qualifications and character