2019 Term 1 Primary School Preparation Synonyms/Antonyms

1. gain win benefit profit
  lose forfeit give up squander
2. gather collect garner stack up
  separate scatter spread discharge
3. gelid freezing chilly ice-cold
  hot red-hot boiling scorching
4. gigantic big large huge
  tiny small little minute
5. gladly willingly cheerfully with pleasure
  reluctantly unwillingly grudgingly stubbornly

6. global international worldwide universal
  local limited provincial restricted
7. glorify praise exalt honour
  condemn degrade debase dishonour
8. glorious splendid magnificent adored
  inglorious inferior disgraceful lowly
9. glory praise splendour exaltation
  shame condemnation dishonour lowliness
10. glut oversupply excess overabundance
  shortage lack scarcity want

11. granular grainy lumpy unpolished
  smooth fine slick polished
12. grand great fine magnificent
  ordinary shabby modest inferior
13. graphic clear visible pictorial
  vague unclear indefinite imprecise
14. grace mercy forgiveness generosity
  vengefulness mercilessness unforgiveness spite
15. graceful elegant agile nimble
  gawky clumsy awkward ungainly

16. gratitude thankfulness appreciation thanks
  ingratitude thanklessness ungratefulness inconsiderateness
17. greedy selfish covetous gluttonous
  generous unselfish helpful considerate
18. grumpy grouchy surly irritable
  happy cheerful content satisfied
19. grimy dirty messy grubby
  clean spotless neat tidy
20. guilty blameworthy culpable at fault
  guiltless blameless innocent virtuous

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.