2019 Term 2 Gr 8 Synonyms/Antonyms Exercise

1. abhor abominate loathe despise
  admire adore relish enjoy
2. abnormal deviant irregular unusual
  normal typical regular usual
3. absent not present missing away (from)
  present in attendance attendant attending
4. absent-minded inattentive unaware oblivious
  alert attentive perceptive wide-awake
5. abstain refrain avoid withold
  indulge continue give in partake

6. abstinence self-restraint moderation avoidance
  indulgence greediness abandon excess
7. abundance affluence wealth riches
  lack need scarcity deficiency
8. acrimonious caustic biting sharp
  kind considerate sympathetic mild
9. adequate sufficient suitable satisfactory
  inadequate insufficient unsuitable unsatisfactory
10. adherent supporter follower devotee
  opponent rival adversary antagonist

11. adjacent adjoining bordering alongside
  distant far away remote apart
12. adaptable adjustable flexible pliant
  unadaptable fixed rigid inflexible
13. agony anguish suffering misery
  ecstasy pleasure mirth joy
14. ambiguous equivocal unclear indefinite
  explicit certain clear definite
15. antagonist enemy foe opponent
  ally friend associate assistant

16. antipathy animosity antagonism hostility
  affinity good will friendship affection
17. ardent eager keen enthusiastic
  impassive dispassionate indifferent lukewarm
18. asset advantage benefit resource
  handicap disadvantage drawback liability
19. astronomical celestial stellar enormous
  small tiny insignificant pocket-size
20. automatic self-activating self-regulating self-propelling
  deliberate conscious deliberate voluntary

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.