2019 Term 2 Primary School Preparation Synonyms/Antonyms

1. accidentally by mistake by chance unwittingly
  deliberately wilfully consciously on purpose
2. active alive energetic lively
  passive inactive inert sluggish
3. admire adore esteem value
  despise detest disapprove scorn
4. admit confess acknowledge concede
  deny disagree dispute contradict
5. advance go forward forge ahead progress
  stop retreat withdraw halt

6. agile nimble dexterous skilful
  awkward clumsy ungainly gawky
7. aid help support assist
  deter discourage block obstruct
8. alert attentive watchful observant
  unaware inattentive heedless scatterbrained
9. alien unfamiliar strange foreign
  familiar similar usual normal
10. alike similar the same akin
  different dissimilar unlike distinct

11. all everything everyone each and every
  none nothing zero nil
12. alone apart separate on one’s own
  together jointly collectively side by side
13. ample sufficient enough plenteous
  meagre insufficient scant sparse
14. amplify extend enlarge expand
  decrease reduce cut down curtail
15. angry furious ill-tempered enraged
  calm friendly mild peaceful

16. approve allow permit uphold
  disapprove disallow oppose reject
17. artificial fake imitation false
  natural genuine real honest
18. ascend rise mount go up
  descend dip plummet move down
19. assemble gather collect bring together
  separate scatter divide take apart
20. awful horrible terrible shocking
  good delightful pleasing pleasant

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.