Blocks C PS – Term One 2018

1. Camp-

field – Latin
Examples: camp, campsite, campus, camp bed, camp fire, training camp

  • campus – the area that contains the buildings of a university (or college)
  • campsite – a campground, an encampment
  • camp* – an encampment, tents, an army base; temporary lodgings; a group, a faction, a clique

2. Cent-

hundred – Latin
Examples: centilitre, centimetre, centigram, centipede, centurion, century

  • Centilitre one hundredth of a litre
  • Century one hundred years
  • Centurion – a commander in the ancient Roman army of a century (a hundred soldiers)
  • centipede – an arthropod with a long, flat body composed of many segments
  • centimetre – one hundredth of a metre

3. Chron-

time – Greek
Examples: chronicle, chronicler, chronometer, anachronism, synchronicity

  • chronicle – a record, a report, a history, a diary; a formal account of events in chronological order
  • chronometer – a watch, a timepiece, a clock, a timer, an hourglass
  • captivity – confinement, bondage, imprisonment
  • chronology* – a timeline, a calendar; a list of events in order of occurrence

4. Circum-

around – Latin
Examples: circumference, circumstance, circumlocution, circumspection,
circumscription, circumnavigation, circumvention, circumambulate

  • circus – a travelling company of entertainers; a fair with entertainment; a circle, an arena
  • circumference – the edge, the perimeter; the distance around the edge
  • circumstance – a situation, the state of affairs; the conditions surrounding an event
  • circumlocution – wordiness, circuitousness, long-windedness; saying something in a roundabout way

5. Civ-

citizen – Latin
Examples: citizen, civility, civilisation, civvies, civics (city?)

  • city – a large town; a metropolitan area
  • citizen – a civilian, a townsperson, an urbanite; a legally recognised member of a city or country
  • civilisation – culture, human development; an advanced stage of human social progress
  • civility – politeness, good manners, courtesy
  • civvies – ordinary clothes, civilian clothes; not a (military) uniform

6. Co- con-, col-,

with – Latin
Examples: co-pilot, co-worker, co-author, co-education, co-operation, co-existence, cohesion, co-ordination, coherence, coalition,

  • co-pilot – a second pilot; an assistant pilot
  • co-operation – collaboration, teamwork, help, assistance; people working together
  • co-author – a joint author; a collaborating author

7. Contra-

against – Latin
Examples: contrast, contradiction, contravention, counterattack, counter-clockwise, counterbalance, counterargument, contraception, controversy, contraband

  • contrast – difference, distinction, dissimilarity, an antithesis; to stand against
  • counterargument – a counterclaim, a counteraccusation, a counterblast; a reply, a contrasting
  • contradiction* – a counterstatement, a refutation, a negation, a denial; a declaration of the
  • controversy – a dispute, a row, a public disagreement; a discussion where the participants express conflicting opinions

8. Crea-

make – Latin
Examples: creator, creation, creature, creativity, procreation, recreation

  • creature* – an organism, an animal, a human, a critter; a living thing, a living being
  • Creator – an inventor, an author, an architect, God, a generator
  • creativity – originality, inventiveness, ingenuity, resourcefulness

9. Cruc-

cross – Latin
Examples: crossword puzzle, crossbar, crossroads, crux, crucifixion, cruise, crucifer, cruciverbalist

  • crusade – a series of religious wars; a movement, a campaign, an expedition
  • crux – a cross, a crossroads; the core, the heart, the gist; the most important part
  • cruciverbalist – someone who enjoys crossword puzzles; someone who constructs crossword puzzles

10. Cycle

circle – Greek
Examples: captive – a prisoner, a detainee, a hostage, a convict

  • cyclist – someone who rides a bicycle
  • cycle – a circle, a loop, a circuit; an era, a phase, a revolution
  • cyclone – a hurricane, a typhoon; a violent storm where the winds blow inwards and in a circular direction around a centre of low atmospheric pressure