Blocks H PS – Term Three 2018

1. Herb-

grass – Latin

  • herb – a plant (that is grown for medicinal use or as a condiment)
  • herbicide – a weed-killer; a chemical substance that is used to control weeds
  • herbalist – a herb doctor; someone who grows, sells or uses herbs to treat medical conditions
  • herbivore – an animal that eats only or mainly plants

2. Hemi-

half – Greek

  • hemicube – a half of a cube
  • hemicycle – a half-circle, a semicircle
  • hemiplegia – paralysis of half of the body
  • hemisphere – a half of a sphere

3. Her-, heir-

heir – Latin

  • heir – an inheritor, a scion, a successor, a recipient
  • heredity – genetics, genes, descent, lineage, genetic make-up
  • heritage – a legacy, a tradition, a birth-right, an inheritance
  • heirloom – a bequest, a gift, an inheritance; a special object handed down from generation to generation

4. Hero-

hero – Greek

  • hero – a man of courage, a champion, a protector, a saviour; someone with exceptional strength and nobility
  • heroine – a woman of courage;
  • heroism – bravery, fortitude, courage, nobility

5. Hydr-

water – Greek

  • hydrangea – a shrub with blue and pink flowers that must be kept moist (it needs a lot of water)
  • hydrant – an upright waterpipe, a fire pump; a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply
  • hydraulics – the study of the conveyance of water (and other liquids)
  • hydrogen – a colourless, odourless, gaseous chemical element
  • hydrophobia* – a great fear of water

6. Hospit-

host – Latin

  • hospice – a hospital for terminally ill patients
  • hospital – a medical centre, a clinic, a health care institution
  • hospitality – generosity, cordiality, friendly and generous treatment of visitors
  • host* – someone who receives and entertains guests; a party-giver, an entertainer
  • hospitalisation – the period of time spent in hospital for treatment

7. Hind-

behind – Middle English

  • hindleg – the back leg of a quadruped
  • hindrance – a barrier, an obstruction, an impediment (“to keep back”)
  • hindquarters – haunch; the backside, the rear; the hind legs and adjoining parts of a quadruped
  • hindsight – retrospect, recollection; understanding an event by looking back
  • hinterland* – the back country, outback, boondocks, wilderness (the land behind a city or port

8. Helic-

spiral – Greek
(also: something that is twisted)

  • helix – a coil, a spiral, a corkscrew; a twisted shape
  • helicopter – a chopper, a rotorcraft, an eggbeater; an aircraft with rotary wings
  • helipad – an airstrip, a heliport; a landing strip or platform for a helicopter

9. Hyper-

over, above – Greek
(also: subordinate to, secondary, a part of, nearly, or lesser than)

  • hyperbole – an overstatement, an exaggeration
  • hypermarket – a very big supermarket
  • hyperlink – an electronic link between different elements or documents
  • hypertension – abnormally high blood pressure
  • hyperthermia – overheating of the body; a fever, heatstroke

10. Hypo-

under – Greek

  • hypodermic – a needle or syringe that is used to inject liquid medicine under the skin
  • hypotension – abnormally low blood pressure
  • hypothermia – an abnormally low body temperature