Blocks S HS – Term Two 2018

1. Statu-, stitu-

stand, be firm – Latin
(also: position)

  • station* – a place, a base, a site, a terminal, a position; level or position, social or
    occupational status
  • statue – a large, carved or moulded sculpture of a person or animal
  • stature – a person’s height; influence, importance, reputation, status

2. Sati-

enough – Latin

  • satiety – surfeit, fullness, satisfaction; a state of being sated; indulgence
  • satisfaction – contentment, gratification, comfort, achievement
  • saturation – surfeit, a state of being saturated; keeping as much moisture as possible

3. Solo-

alone – Latin
(also: unassisted)

  • solo* – a musical composition for one performer
  • solitaire* – a card game played by one player; a single gem set in a ring
  • soliloquy – a monologue; a dramatic device in which the character discloses his/her feelings and thoughts
  • solitude – loneliness, isolation, seclusion

4. Salv-

save – Latin

  • salvage – a rescue operation, a recovery, a restoration
  • salvation – redemption, deliverance; union with God and deliverance of sin
  • salve – a lotion, a balm, an ointment; a consolation, something soothing

5. Sacr-

sacred – Latin

(Also: pertaining to religion)

  • sacrament – a religious ceremony or rite, a visible symbol of divine grace
  • sacrifice – a loss, atonement, an offering, penance, a surrender
  • sacrilege – irreverence, desecration, blasphemy, profanity
  • sacrosanctity – holiness, inviolability; physical inviolability

6. Sex-

six – Latin

  • sexagenarian – a person in his/her sixties (between 60 and 69)
  • sextet – a group of six people or things; six musicians or performers
  • sextuplet – any one of six persons (or animals) born from the same mother during the same birth

7. Soci-

group, company, associate – Latin

  • socialite – a socially prominent person; someone who attends fashionable, upper-
    class events
  • society* – community, mankind; the people living together in a community; a club, an association, an institution
  • sociology – the study of society; the study of social interaction

8. Sign-

sign, identifying mark – Latin

  • signal – a sign, an indication, a cue, a message, a green light; an electric current that conveys data
  • signature – an autograph, one’s name written in a distinctive way as proof of identity or intent
  • significance – the meaning, the sense, the connotation, the importance

9. Sub-

under, below – Latin

  • subcontinent – a distinct landmass that forms part of a continent
  • submersible – a vessel capable of operating under water; a submarine
  • subscription* – a prepayment, a contribution; a payment for consecutive issues of a periodical (charities or a society)

10. Super-

above, beyond – Latin

  • supernova – the explosion of a star at the end of its life cycle
  • superscript – a character (a symbol or letter) above the normal line of type
  • supertanker – an extremely large tanker that is used to transport crude oil

11. San-

health, sanity – Latin

  • sanatorium – a hospital, a sick bay, an infirmary; an institution for the treatment of convalescents
  • sanity – saneness, good mental health; soundness of mind; reasonableness,
    soundness of judgement, prudence, common sense
  • sanitation – cleanliness, hygiene; the provision of public health facilities

12. Sanc-

holy – Latin

(Also: whole, intact)

  • saint – a holy person, a martyr, an angel
  • sanctity – holiness, sacredness, devotion, purity, spirituality
  • sanctuary – a sacred place; a church, an altar; a haven, a hideout, a refuge; a park,
  • a reserve; a safe place for wildlife

13. Sym-, syn-

with, together – Latin

  • symbol – a sign, a mark, a character; a token, a representation, an image
  • symbiosis – a close relationship between two organisms; co-operation, collaboration, partnership
  • symmetry – correspondence, uniformity, proportion, balance, conformity; exact
    correspondence of shape and size
  • sympathy – compassion, tenderness, kindness; shared feelings
  • symphony – an extended musical composition for a large-scale orchestra; a unison of sounds; harmony
  • symptom – a sign or indication of an illness; an indication of a problem
  • synonym – a word with a similar meaning; an equivalent word; a connotation, an




Words that start with this prefix refer to objects that are under or below a certain level or it refer to items or that are