Blocks S PS – Term Two 2018

1. Sub-

under, below, beneath – Latin
(also: subordinate to, secondary, a part of, nearly, or lesser than)

  • submarine – a boat that can travel below the surface of the sea
  • subtropics – the geographic areas between the tropics and temperate zones
  • subway – a tunnel, an underground passage
  • subordinate – an assistant, number two; someone under the authority of someone else

2. Super-

above, over, beyond – Latin
(also: intensely, better or exceeding)

  • superglue – a very strong adhesive
  • supercomputer – a very fast, mainframe computer
  • supermarket – a large, self-service retail store
  • superintendent – a supervisor, a manager, an overseer

3. Spec-, spect-

look – Latin
(see, watch, observe)

  • spectacle – a display, a sight; a spectacular event
  • spectacles – eyeglasses; a pair of glasses; a device with lenses in a frame that helps you to see better
  • spectator – an onlooker, an observer, a viewer; someone who watches an event
  • spectrum* – the rainbow, the colour spectrum; a range, an array

4. Semi-

half – Latin
(also: partly, twice, slightly or incompletely)

  • semicircle – a half circle
  • semicolon – a punctuation mark that separates two clauses in a sentence
  • semi-darkness – murkiness; partial darkness
  • semi-final – the matches or rounds that precede the final
  • semifluid – a substance that is partially liquid and partially solid

5. Scrib-

write – Latin

  • scribble – a scrawl, a doodle, a squiggle, a jotting; meaningless or careless writing
  • scribe – a writer, a penman, a scrivener, an author
  • script* – handwriting, longhand; the text for a performance
  • scripture* – the sacred writings, the Bible; the authority, the evidence, veracity6. Co- con-, col-,

6. Sen-

old, old man – Latin

  • senate* – congress, a committee; the state council, the upper assembly
  • senator – a legislator, a representative; a member of the senate
  • senility – old age, senescence, dotage, caducity
  • senior – an elder, a superior, an old-timer; an older or more experienced person

7. Spher-

a ball, a globe, a celestial sphere – Greek

  • sphere – a circle, an orb, a globe; an area of influence or expertise
  • spheroid – a sphere-like object; an ellipsoid
  • stratosphere – the second major layer of the earth’s atmosphere

8. Son-

sound – Latin

  • sonar – a device used for locating objects by means of sound waves
  • sonata – a musical composition consisting of three sections (written for one instrument)
  • sonnet – a poem with a specific form
  • soundtrack – the music (or dialogue) of a film

9. Se- , sed-

apart, on its own, separate – Latin
(also: without)

  • secret – confidential matter; something kept hidden from others
  • seclusion – isolation, solitude, separation, retreat
  • segregation – a separation, an isolation, a detachment, a partition
  • selection – a pick, a choice, a preference
  • separation – a split, a partition, a division

10. Simil-, simul-

like, same, similar, resembling – Greek

  • simile – a figure of speech that compares two things; a resemblance, an allegory, a
  • similarity – a likeness, a resemblance, a correspondence
  • simulation – a copy, a model; an imitation, a sham
  • simultaneity – concurrence, simultaneousness; events happening at the same time

Words that start with this prefix refer to objects that are under or below a certain level or it refer to items or that are