Blocks T PS – Term Four 2018

1. Tele-

far – Greek

  • Telecast – a television broadcast
  • Telephone – a device for reproducing sounds at a distance
  • Telephoto lens    – a long-focus lens that allows you to photograph a subject that is far away
  • Telescope – an optical device that magnifies distant objects  (Etymology  – “Tele”- far away “scope”  – aim or target)
  • Television – a device with a screen and speakers that reproduces images and sound
  • Telecommunication   – communicating over a distance;  the transmission of information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or electromagnetic systems

2. Tri-

Tri– Latin/Greek

  • triad – a group or set of three similar things
  • triangle – a shape (a polygon) with three sides and three angles
  • tripod – a stand with three legs
  • trimaran – a sailing boat with three separate hulls
  • trinity – the unity of the three persons of the Christian Godhead
  • trio* – a group of three musicians or performers
  • triplet* – one of three offspring born at a single birth

3. Terra-

earth – Latin

  • terrace * – a flat area; a patio, a paved area next to a building
  • terrain – an area; a tract or piece of land (the word “terrain” is used in a geographical or military context whereas the word “territory” is used in a political context)
  • terracotta* – earthenware; a hard, red-brown clay that had been baked
  • terrestrial – an inhabitant of the earth
  • territory – an area, a region, a domain; a piece or tract of land (the word territory is used in a political context whereas the word terrain is used in a geographical or military context)

4. Termin-

boundary, limit, end – Latin

  • terminal* – a device that terminates one end of a communicated message (a display monitor and a keyboard); the end of a carrier line (a bus or train route)
  • termination – the end, the conclusion, the ending, the completion
  • terminus – the end of a carrier line (a bus or train route)

5. Trans-

beyond, across – Latin

  • transfer* – a shift, a relocation, a conveyance; the act of transferring a person, or the legal process of transferring goods or property from one person to another
  • transformer – an electrical device that changes the voltage of an electric current hydraulics – the study of the conveyance of water (and other liquids)
  • transformation* – a complete change, a conversion, a metamorphosis; a marked change in the form, substance or appearance of something
  • translation – an interpretation, a rendition, a version; the activity of changing the words of a foreign language into one’s own language
  • transition – a (gradual) conversion, a change, a shift (etymology – “to go across”)
  • transplantation – the medical procedure of transferring an organ or tissue
  • transportation – conveyance, shipping, (etymology “portare” to carry and “trans” across)

6. Torn-

turn, rotate – Latin/ Greek

  • tornado – a whirlwind, a typhoon, a twister; a violently rotating cone or funnel of air
  • tour – a turn, a circle; a journey in a circuit; a circular itinerary
  • tourist – a traveller; a voyager
  • tournament – a series of contests or competitions (etymology: a fight in which combatants on horseback rapidly “turned” their horses)
  • turn* – a reversal, a revolution, a twist, a rotation, a twirl
  • turnabout – a reversal, a change of direction, a U-turn
  • turnstile – a gatepost, a turnpike, a toll-gate; a mechanical barrier with a horizontal arm that allows only one person at a time to pass

7. Tot-

all, whole – Latin

  • total – the whole; the entire amount, the sum total
  • totality – the whole of something; the entirety
  • totalisator/tote – a device that registers bets (at horse racing) and divides the total amount bet among those who won

8. Ting-, tinct-

dye, moisten – Latin

  • tincture – a medicine made by soaking a herbal extract in alcohol; a flavour, a dash, a trace, a tinge
  • tint – a small amount of a colour; a tone, a hue, a dye
  • tinge – a trace of a colour or a small amount of something; a tone, a hint, a nuance, a dash, a dye, a touch

9. Tend-, tense-

stretch – Latin

  • tendency – an inclination, a leaning, a bent
  • tension – tightness, pressure, stress, strain, tautness
  • tent – a portable canvas shelter; (etymology: “something stretched out”)

10. Therm-

heat, warmth – Latin

  • Thermometer – a device that is used to measure temperature
  • Thermos – a brand name for a vacuum flask; a special container (with a vacuum between the inner and outer wall) which keeps liquids hot or cold
  • Thermosphere –  the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere (this layer has high temperatures.)
  • Thermostat – a temperature sensing device that turns appliances on or off at certain temperatures