Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term Four 2018

  1. taciturn silent aloof tight-lipped talkative chatty gabby communicative 2. tactful discreet diplomatic polite tactless indiscreet discourteous boorish 3. tempestuous stormy turbulent intense calm peaceful tranquil serene 4. temporary transient fleeting short-lived permanent enduring everlasting endless 5. tenacious persistent resolute firm slack yielding irresolute wimpy 6. tepid lukewarm indifferent apathetic eager keen excited animated Read more about Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term Four 2018[…]

Blocks T PS – Term Four 2018

1. Tele- far – Greek Telecast – a television broadcast Telephone – a device for reproducing sounds at a distance Telephoto lens    – a long-focus lens that allows you to photograph a subject that is far away Telescope – an optical device that magnifies distant objects  (Etymology  – “Tele”- far away “scope”  – aim Read more about Blocks T PS – Term Four 2018[…]