Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term Four 2018


1. taciturn silent aloof tight-lipped
talkative chatty gabby communicative
2. tactful discreet diplomatic polite
tactless indiscreet discourteous boorish
3. tempestuous stormy turbulent intense
calm peaceful tranquil serene
4. temporary transient fleeting short-lived
permanent enduring everlasting endless
5. tenacious persistent resolute firm
slack yielding irresolute wimpy

6. tepid lukewarm indifferent apathetic
eager keen excited animated
7. terse short brief concise
lengthy long-winded roundabout verbose
8. thankful grateful appreciative obliged
thankless ungrateful unappreciative glum
9. threadbare worn shabby ragged
brand-new unused fresh maintained
10. thwart hinder obstruct impede
aid assist help abet

11. topsy-turvy mixed-up disordered jumbled
ordered organised shipshape tidy
12. torpor listlessness lethargy inactivity
vigour action vitality eagerness
13. toxic poisonous harmful noxious
harmless non-poisonous wholesome safe
14. tranquil calm composed quiet
agitated restless troubled disturbed
15. treacherous deceitful dishonest traitorous
reliable faithful honest loyal

16. trenchant incisive scathing cutting
soothing kind appeasing mollifying
17. trite hackneyed stereotyped banal
fresh original novel new
18. trigger start activate spark off
stop block impede bar
19. triumph achievement victory feat
failure loss defeat disaster
20. trivial insignificant minor petty
significant important crucial vital

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.