Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term Two 2018


1. sacred holy hallowed divine
blasphemous profane irreverent sacrilegious
2. salvation deliverance redemption grace
condemnation damnation perdition punishment
3. sanity good sense judiciousness level-headedness
insanity lunacy derangement dementia
4. satisfied gratified content fulfilled
dissatisfied unhappy discontented displeased
5. secede separate segregate split
join combine connect unite

6. senility senescence elderliness dotage
youth youthfulness juvenescence springtime
7. sensitive sentient responsive perceptive
insensitive callous thick-skinned unfeeling
8. sentimental emotional mawkish schmaltzy
dispassionate unemotional practical down-to- earth
9. shabby scruffy shoddy sloppy
neat tidy spruce stainless
10. significant meaningful important vital
insignificant meaningless trivial worthless

11. similarity sameness similitude likeness
dissimilarity antithesis disparity variation
12. simple plain straightforward uncomplicated
complex convoluted intricate complicated
13. smart clever intelligent quick-witted
dull stupid dense slow
14. sociable social friendly convivial
withdrawn antisocial unsociable standoffish
15. solitary alone solo single
together collectively jointly mutually

16. solitude loneliness isolation reclusiveness
companionship company friendship camaraderie
17. static motionless stationary fixed
dynamic moving mobile active
18. superb excellent superior outstanding
mediocre inferior substandard ordinary
19. sympathetic compassionate affectionate caring
unsympathetic apathetic cold-hearted indifferent
20. synthesise combine compound join
separate divide take apart analyse

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.