Synonyms/ antonyms OS – Term Four 2018

1. tangible palpable perceptible tactile
intangible impalpable imperceptible immaterial
2. tawdry garish gaudy tacky
tasteful stylish refined smart
3. tedium dullness drabness boredom
excitement exhilaration stimulation challenge
4. temperate moderate pleasant mild
harsh immoderate severe extreme
5. tenable reasonable justifiable plausible
untenable indefensible unjustifiable implausible

6. tenuous questionable insubstantial flimsy
significant sound substantial strong
7. theatrical dramatic histrionic thespian
natural straightforward plain unpretentious
8. timorous fearful timid apprehensive
bold assertive audacious assured
9. torpor listlessness lethargy inactivity
vigour action vitality eagerness
10. tractable amenable manageable pliable
intractable defiant headstrong obstinate

11. traditional conventional customary established
new unconventional modern contemporary
12. trammel block curb hamper
assist facilitate support expedite
13. trenchant incisive scathing cutting
soothing kind appeasing mollifying
14. trepidation anxiety fear dread
confidence composure equanimity self-assurance
15. trite hackneyed stereotyped banal
fresh original novel new

16. truculent bellicose aggressive combative
cooperative agreeable civil conciliatory
17. truncate shorten abbreviate curtail
lengthen prolong extend stretch
18. trust reliance credence faith
distrust suspicion doubt guile
19. tumultuous turbulent violent stormy
tranquil restful serene calm
20. typical normal usual ordinary
atypical exceptional unusual extraordinary

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.