Synonyms/ antonyms OS – Term Three 2018

1. habile dexterous adroit deft
inept unskilled heavy-handed amateurish
2. hackneyed banal stale commonplace
fresh original new striking
3. haggard gaunt emaciated hollow-eyed
vigorous energetic hale healthy
4. hapless unfortunate unlucky ill-fated
fortuitous fortunate lucky adventitious
5. halcyon peaceful serene calm
turbulent tumultuous tempestuous stormy

6. haphazardly disorderly carelessly slapdash
methodically systematically deliberately orderly
7. hectic frantic frenetic chaotic
calm peaceful leisurely unhurried
8. heedful mindful attentive vigilant
heedless careless negligent rash
9. herculean colossal gigantic monumental
normal habitual regular everyday
10. hermetic sealed impervious tight
porous leaking permeable penetrable

11. hidebound narrow-minded straight-laced rigid
tolerant open-minded flexible liberal
12. hideous gruesome horrendous horrid
pleasing captivating appealing pleasant
13. highbrow scholarly sophisticated cultured
lowbrow shallow unsophisticated philistine
14. hoary elderly timeworn venerable
youthful young immature developing
15. hoarse harsh husky gravelly
harmonious smooth melodious mellow

16. holistic comprehensive integrated total
fragmentary atomistic partial reduced
17. hopeful optimistic expectant buoyant
hopeless pessimistic despairing cheerless
18. hostility antagonism malice enmity
harmony peace benevolence agreement
19. humdrum boring dreary dull
exciting interesting eventful stimulating
20. hurly-burly commotion hubbub turmoil
order harmony organisation structure

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.