Synonyms/ antonyms OS – Term Two 2018


1. salient prominent conspicuous outstanding
unimportant indistinct inconspicuous unremarkable
2. salutary healthy nutritious salubrious
debilitating unhealthy enervating unfit
3. sanguine optimistic cheerful upbeat
despondent pessimistic depressed dispirited
4. scrupulous meticulous conscientious fastidious
unscrupulous reckless unprincipled amoral
5. sedate collected sober calm
agitated excitable nervous perturbed

6. sentimental emotional mawkish schmaltzy
dispassionate down-to- earth commonsensical practical
7. sesquipedalian bombastic pompous circuitous
unpretentious short and sweet to the point succinct
8. shrewd calculating cunning astute
slow-witted gullible obtuse dull
9. sinister ominous menacing threatening
auspicious benevolent encouraging promising
10. slick smooth skilful polished
clumsy unaccomplished crude unpolished

11. sombre dismal dreary gloomy
bright spirited shining lively
12. specious deceptive misleading false
valid sincere credible true
13. sporadic irregular infrequent occasional
constant regular frequent ceaseless
14. spurious false counterfeit fake
authentic true genuine real
15. staid solemn serious self-restrained
capricious frivolous playful flighty

16. stolid impassive indifferent dull
animated energetic excitable lively
17. stringent rigorous severe harsh
flexible accommodating lenient slack
18. subdue suppress conquer repress
agitate incite provoke arouse
19. supercilious arrogant disdainful haughty
humble unpretentious modest submissive
20. susceptible predisposed inclined, receptive
resistant immune unresponsive impervious

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.