Synonyms/ antonyms PS – Term Four 2018


1. tacky cheap shabby shoddy
classy tasteful stylish smart
2. tall soaring towering lanky
short pint-sized pocket-sized diminutive
3. tame docile obedient domesticated
wild untamed ferocious feral
4. tasty delicious delectable yummy
tasteless bland insipid unappetising
5. tedious dull dreary boring
exciting interesting fascinating enthralling

6. terrible awful dreadful horrible
excellent admirable exceptional great
7. thorough careful painstaking efficient
sloppy careless half-hearted lackadaisical
8. thrifty stingy sparing frugal
spendthrift wasteful extravagant lavish
9. thrive bloom burgeon prosper
decline perish wane wilt
10. tidy neat trim well-kept
untidy messy disordered unkempt

11. tiny small minute little
big large huge colossal
12. tired exhausted fatigued worn out
energetic refreshed full of beans rested
13. tongue-tied mute dumbstruck speechless
talkative articulate chatty gabby
14. top crest peak pinnacle
bottom base foot nadir
15. totally completely entirely fully
partly incompletely partially slightly

16. touchy irritable over-sensitive grouchy
easy-going good-tempered imperturbable cheerful
17. tremendous overwhelming immense huge
ordinary mediocre average so-so
18. tricky difficult tough hard
easy child’s play elementary plain sailing
19. trigger start activate spark off
stop block impede bar
20. true accurate genuine factual
false inaccurate phoney fake

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.