Synonyms/ antonyms PS – Term Two 2018


1. sad depressed downcast dejected
happy cheerful joyful glad
2. safe protected secure guarded
at risk imperilled insecure in danger
3. same identical alike equivalent
different dissimilar unlike variable
4. sane sensible level-headed reasonable
crazy insane loony bonkers
5. satisfied gratified content fulfilled
dissatisfied unhappy discontented displeased

6. savage fierce ferocious vicious
gentle kind pleasant mild
7. scarce sparse scanty meagre
plentiful numerous lavish abundant
8. sense meaning significance import
nonsense foolishness stupidity folly
9. separate apart detached divided
joined combined connected united
10. serious stern solemn grave
silly childish capricious frivolous

11. shy coy bashful reserved
outgoing extroverted sociable unreserved
12. slow tardy sluggish delayed
fast quick rapid hurried
13. small tiny minute little
colossal big large huge
14. smart clever intelligent quick-witted
dull stupid dense slow
15. smooth polished soft refined
coarse rough crude unrefined

16. solitary alone lonely single
together collectively jointly mutually
17. spotless clean pure unblemished
dirty sordid stained sloppy
18. start commence begin emerge
conclude cease close complete
19. strange peculiar odd queer
normal regular customary common
20. superb excellent superior outstanding
mediocre inferior substandard ordinary

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.