2019 Term 1 Primary School Blocks Example

1. Gel-

icy cold, frozen, stiff– Latin

  • gel – a semi-solid, jelly-like substance
  • gelato – ice-cream
  • gelatine – a colourless food ingredient that is derived from collagen obtained from various animal body parts
  • gelation – the process of freezing a liquidWe use the word “congeal” to describe the process of changing from a liquid to a solid.

2. Geo-

earth – Latin

  • Geographer – an expert in the study of the features of the earth and its inhabitants
  • Geography – the study of the physical features of the earth, its inhabitants and its atmosphere
  • Geologist – an expert in the study of the physical features of the earth
  • Geology – the study of the structure, surface and origin of the earth
  • Geodesy – the science concerned with the shape, size, and the gravity field of the earthA geographer is someone who “writes” down the physical features of the earth.

3. Germ-

a sprout, a bud, a seed – Latin

  • germ – a very small organism that spreads disease
  • germicide – a substance that destroys germs
  • germination – the development of an organism from a seedWe use the adjective ”germinal” to describe an early phase of development.

4. Glob-

a sphere – Latin

  • Glob – a lump, a blob; a small drop
  • Globe – a sphere, an orb; the world
  • Globule – a drop, a droplet
  • Globetrotter – a world traveller, a touristWhen we say that the World Cup Soccer event is a “global” event we mean that it is played by most of the countries all over the world; all over the globe.

5. Glori-

glory – Latin

  • Glory – praise, honour, fame; splendour, magnificence
  • Glorification – exaltation; a state of heightened honour; praise and admiration of God
  • Gloriole – a halo, an aureoleA “glorious” summer day is a magnificent or wonderful summer day.

6. Glut-

swallow, to gulp down – Latin/ Greek

  • Glut – oversupply, excess, overabundance; too much of something
  • Glutton – an excessively greedy eater; someone who eats too much
  • Gluttony – overeating, binge eating; the habit of eating too much“Gluttonous” people eat too much; they eat when they are not hungry.

7. Gran-


  • Grain* – the seed of certain types of grass; the texture of a fabric or wood; a bit, a small piece
  • Granary – a storehouse for threshed grain; a grain-producing region
  • Granola* – a snack or breakfast cereal that consists of oats, nuts, dried fruit, honey and confections (originally a trade mark)
  • Granule * – a crumb, a morsel; a small* particleA “granivore” is an animal (a bird) that eats mostly seeds and grains.

8. Grand-

large, big, magnificent

  • Grandeur – greatness, magnificence, splendour grandmaster – an expert, a champion; an international expert (in chess, bridge or martial arts)
  • grandmother – the mother of one’s mother or father
  • grandstanding – showing off, boasting
  • Grand finale – the conclusion, the climax; the great ending of a performanceThe “Grand prix” is the big prize; the grand stand is the big pavilion with the best views and a
    “grandee” is the title of a nobleman in Spain or Portugal.

9. Graph-,

write – Latin

  • Graffiti – wall scrawl; words or drawings on a public wall without permission
  • Graph – a diagram, a chart
  • Graphics – visuals, pictures, diagrams, images, commercial designs
  • Graphology – the study of handwritingThere are many words (more than 800 according to one website) that contain the word stem “graph”. An autograph is a synonym for “signature” – your name written by yourself. An autobiography is a story of someone’s life written by himself or herself. Cartographers are people who draw or produce maps; they “write” maps. A calligrapher is someone who writes beautifully.
    Photography is the art of writing with light and demography is a description (a written record) of human populations.

10. Grat-

thank, “pleasing” – Latin

  • Grace* – forgiveness, mercy, compassion; charm, dignity; elegance of movement
  • Gratification – satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure
  • Gratitude – thankfulness, gratefulness
  • Gratuity – a tip, a small amount of money given for services (a tip for a waiter)When we congratulate someone, we tell them that we are thankful with them; we wish them joy (com-“together, with” + gratulari “give thanks, show joy”).
    Something that is “gratis” is free of charge.