2016 Term 1 Preparation Nouns

Learners must look up the definitions of the words next to the even numbers themselves. rabbi – master; teacher; someone trained in Jewish laws and rituals and ordained for leadership in a congregation rabble – rabies – a disease affecting certain animals, especially dogs raccoon – racket – the bat used in tennis; a clamour; a din Read more about 2016 Term 1 Preparation Nouns[…]

2017 Term 1 Primary School Preparation Synonyms/Antonyms

1. add increase, accumulate, sum,   subtract decrease, deduct, take away, 2. admire adore, appreciate, value,   despise disdain, loathe, abhor, 3. agree admit, allow, grant,   disagree deny, dispute, differ, 4. begin start, commence, set about,   end stop, complete, terminate, 5. benefit advantage, favour, gain,   harm disadvantage, detriment, damage, 6. big huge, Read more about 2017 Term 1 Primary School Preparation Synonyms/Antonyms[…]

Term 1 2019

Congratulations to all the winners of the Term One 2019 vocabulary competition. Winners: High School Grade 8 Alexandra Draper Parklands College Grade 9 Kaylin Abrahams Bosmansdam Grade 10 Tanaka Pedro Parklands College Grade 11 Campbell van Rooyen Maritzburg College Grade 12 Soven Gounder Maritzburg College Winners: Primary School Grade 7 Maia Birch Rustenburg Girl’s Junior Read more about Term 1 2019[…]