Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term One 2018


1. calamity adversity, disaster, catastrophe,
good fortune boon, godsend, windfall,
2. candour frankness, sincerity, openness,
deceit dishonesty, insincerity, guile,
3. cause source, motive, mainspring,
effect consequence, outcome, result,
4. chaos disorder, disorganisation, pandemonium,
order harmony, organisation, orderliness,
5. civil kind, courteous, complaisant,
uncivil rude, discourteous, boorish,

6. clarity clearness, lucidity, transparency,
haziness, obscurity, darkness, fuzziness
7. combative, aggressive, belligerent, bellicose
peaceful, peace-loving, non-violent, compromising,
8. complex, complicated, intricate, convoluted
simple, uncomplicated, plain, straightforward,
9. compulsory, binding, imperative, mandatory
optional voluntary, discretionary, non-obligatory
10. concise, brief, compact, condensed
lengthy, long, long-winded, extended

11. concrete, real, material, solid
abstract, ideal, immaterial, intangible
12. conventional, customary, traditional, usual
unconventional, unorthodox, uncommon, unusual
13. corrupt, crooked, dishonest, contaminated
moral, honourable, honest, righteous
14. cosmopolitan worldly-wise, urbane, sophisticated
provincial parochial, insular, unsophisticated
15. covert, hidden, concealed, clandestine
overt, open, clear, candid

16. crass, coarse, churlish, insensitive
polished, refined, considerate sensitive
17. craven, cowardly, dastardly, pusillanimous
courageous, bold, brave, audacious
18. crestfallen dispirited, dejected, disappointed
encouraged, inspired, elated, cheerful
19. customary usual, traditional, conventional
occasional, unusual, rare, infrequent
20. cynical distrustful, sceptical, suspicious
credulous trustful, naïve, unsuspicious

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.