Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term One 2019

1. gallant chivalrous gentlemanly valiant
discourteous ill-mannered timid fearful
2. garrulous talkative chatty verbose
quiet silent taciturn tight-lipped
3. generic common general universal
specific particular individual specialised
4. genial friendly cordial agreeable
sullen unfriendly morose unpleasant
5. genuine natural sincere pure
artificial false insincere fake

6. ghastly gruesome grisly horrible
attractive appealing charming pleasing
7. giddy dizzy light-headed fickle
calm sensible steady sane
8. gigantic colossal immense ginormous
small minute diminutive tiny
9. gingerly carefully cautiously warily
boldly carelessly rashly brashly
10. gloomy bleak dismal dreary
bright cheerful light breezy

11. glum surly morose sullen
cheerful jolly joyful merry
12. graceful elegant agile poised
awkward clumsy ungainly gawky
13. gradually steadily evenly step by step
suddenly abruptly instantly quickly
14. gravely seriously severely badly
mildly slightly lightly trivially
15. gravity seriousness severity heaviness
insignificance triviality silliness frivolity

16. grief bereavement heartbreak sorrow
delight enjoyment happiness joy
17. grieve mourn lament weep
rejoice cheer revel enjoy
18. grievous sad painful distressing
delightful enjoyable pleasant joyous
19. gruelling demanding strenuous arduous
easy undemanding effortless low-pressure
20. gullible trusting unsuspecting naive
suspicious critical discerning cynical

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.