Synonyms/ antonyms HS – Term Three 2018


1. half-hearted indifferent lukewarm unenthusiastic
eager keen fervent enthusiastic
2. hamper hinder impede thwart
help aid encourage assist
3. handy skilful adept adroit
clumsy awkward inept ham-fisted
4. hardy robust tough stout
feeble fragile weak frail
5. harmonious compatible agreeable corresponding
contrasting incompatible unlike dissonant

6. haughty vain proud arrogant
modest humble mild selfless
7. hazardous dangerous perilous unsafe
sound secure reliable safe
8. healthy fit in good shape in fine form
unhealthy ill sick unsound
9. hefty bulky massive burly
slight tiny small puny
10. heartfelt sincere genuine cordial
feigned insincere false artificial

11. hesitant uncertain unsure doubtful
confident certain sure self-assured
12. hidden covered concealed covert
exposed open visible overt
13. highlight high point peak climax
low point setback disappointment depths of despair
14. homogenous alike similar identical
heterogenous unlike different disparate
15. honourable honest righteous moral
corrupt dishonest crooked immoral

16. human manlike mortal anthropoid
animal nonhuman immortal unmanly
17. humane kind-hearted benevolent compassionate
inhumane cruel brutal barbarous
18. humiliate shame embarrass disgrace
praise honour laud exalt
19. humorous funny comical hilarious
serious solemn grave earnest
20. hygienic sanitary clean sterile
unhygienic insanitary dirty germ-ridden

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.