February 10, 2016

Synonyms/ antonyms – March 2016

1. add increase accumulate summate tally
subtract decrease deduct take away reduce
2. admit agree allow grant permit
disagree deny dispute differ reject
3. advance come nearer approach move closer go toward
retreat go away leave depart skedaddle
4. alone separate apart on one’s own solo
together collectively unitedly in unison jointly
5. approve laud compliment praise commend
disapprove rebuke reproach condemn, blame

6. begin start introduce induce initiate
end  stop complete terminate finish
7. big huge large mammoth great
small tiny diminutive minute bantam
8. bright luminous shiny resplendent brilliant
dark gloomy dull drab dim
9. clean hygienic spotless washed unstained
dirty filthy foul soiled stained
10. combine connect mix fuse merge
split divide sever break up separate

11. concrete actual factual real tangible
abstract ideal conceptual recondite intangible
12. courteous well-mannered considerate polite respectful
discourteous bad-mannered inconsiderate rude disrespectful
13. enjoy take pleasure in relish delight in like
dislike detest, resent, scorn, loathe
14. easy straightforward, plain sailing, child’s play, simple
difficult arduous, demanding, strenuous, hard
15. encourage aid, boost, spur, support
discourage dishearten, dispirit, deter, restrain

16. excellent superior, outstanding, exceptional, superb
mediocre inferior, second-rate, below-par, shoddy
17. find notice, uncover, detect, spot
lose mislay, misplace, displace, squander
18. familiar well-known, everyday, common, accustomed
unfamiliar unknown, unusual, uncommon, unaccustomed
19. fast speedy, quick, rapid, snap
slow unhurried, tardy,  sluggish, slack
20. free self-determining, sovereign, autonomous, unrestricted
bound limited, confined, restrained, restricted

21. friend buddy, companion, mate, pal
foe enemy, opponent, rival, adversary
22. full filled, jammed, loaded, saturated
empty void, bare, depleted, vacant
23. good virtuous, honourable, worthy, moral
bad evil, base, vile, wicked
24. high raised, elevated, lofty, towering
low sunken, subsided, low-set, bottomward
25. happy joyful, glad, elated, jubilant
sad miserable, wretched, melancholy, down

26. hope anticipation, expectation, optimism, promise,
despair hopelessness, anguish, pessimism, gloom
27. hot blazing, boiling, scorching, sizzling
cold arctic, chilly, freezing, icy
28. include insert, incorporate, keep, contain
omit exclude, delete, drop, eliminate
29. kind gentle, soft-hearted, affectionate, cordial
mean hostile, callous, malicious, nasty
30. leader master, boss, director, commander
follower minion subordinate, yes-man, lackey

31. light bright, luminous, illuminated, shiny
darkness gloom, twilight, obscurity, murkiness
32. love adoration, affection, devotion, fondness
hate animosity, enmity, ill-will, aversion
33. make create, build, manufacture, produce
destroy break, damage, demolish, smash
34. mind mentality, consciousness, intellect, wits
body physique, frame, torso, trunk
35. minor small, slight, unimportant, inconsequential
major big, considerate, important, consequential

36. modest shy, coy, demure, diffident
immodest shameless, brazen, arrogant, coarse
37. near close-by, nearby, adjacent, in close proximity
far distant, remote, removed, far-off
38. neat orderly, tidy, spic-and-span, organised
untidy unkempt, disorderly, messy, jumbled
39. often usually, frequently, generally, repeatedly
seldom sometimes, infrequently, occasionally, hardly ever
40. peace harmony, agreement, reconciliation, accord
war battle, hostility, strife, (armed) conflict

41. plain simple, basic, unembellished, unpretentious
decorated adorned, patterned, embellished, ornate
42. question inquiry, query, investigation, inquest
answer reply, response, retort, rejoinder
43. right fair, just, ethical, proper
wrong unfair, unjust, immoral, crooked
44. same alike, identical, equal, similar
different contrasting, distinct, unequal, dissimilar
45. silence stillness, quiet, calmness, hush
thunder blast, boom, crash, roar

46. soft fluffy, flexible, cushioned, pliable
hard unbendable, inflexible, rigid, unpliable
47. tired exhausted, weary, fatigued, drained
energized refreshed, invigorated, perked up, excited
48. trust belief, confidence, dependence, faith
distrust suspicion, skepticism, misgiving, mistrust
49. truth veracity, validity, gospel, authenticity
falsehood lie, sham, deception, fraud
50. wealth riches, resources, money, affluence
poverty want, hardship, neediness, destitution

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.