April 19, 2016

Synonyms/ antonyms – May 2016

1. active busy, eager, animated, alive
passive idle, lazy, inert, lifeless
2. achieve accomplish, realise, attain, reach
fail give up, abandon, surrender, yield
3. agree admit, allow, grant, permit
disagree deny, dispute, differ, reject
4. ace expert, virtuoso, master, specialist
novice rookie, beginner, dabbler, apprentice
5. allow permit, grant, okay, consent
censor forbid, ban, delete, restrict

6. approach come nearer, advance, move closer, go toward
retreat go away, leave, depart, skedaddle
7. approve laud, compliment, praise, commend
disapprove rebuke, reproach, condemn, blame,
8. begin start, introduce, induce, initiate
end stop complete, terminate, finish
9. best finest, unrivalled, premium, prime
worst least, slightest, most wanting, lowest
10. big huge, large, mammoth, great
small tiny, diminutive, minute, bantam

11. bright luminous, shiny, resplendent, brilliant
dark gloomy, dull, drab, dim
12. broad wide, extensive, outstretched, expansive
narrow confined, restricted, thin, cramped
13. cheap inexpensive economical low-cost low-priced
expensive pricey, exorbitant, excessive, high-priced
14. civilized refined, polished, civil, sophisticated
uncivilized coarse, crude, boorish, uncultured
15. combine connect, mix, fuse, merge
split divide, sever, break up, separate

16. concrete actual, factual, real, tangible
abstract ideal, conceptual, recondite, intangible
17. construct build up, assemble, erect, manufacture
destroy break, demolish, ruin, smash
18. courteous well-mannered, considerate, polite, respectful
discourteous bad-mannered, inconsiderate, rude, disrespectful
19. discretion caution, judgement, tact, discernment
carelessness disregard, indiscretion,  negligence, slackness
20. encourage aid, boost, spur, support
discourage dishearten, dispirit, deter, restrain

21. exactly precisely, definitely, on the dot, rigorously
approximately nearly, roughly, more or less, about
22. excellent superb, outstanding, first-rate, superior
mediocre so-so, below average second-rate inferior
23. fair impartial, just, lawful, unbiased
unfair partial, unjust, dishonest, biased
24. familiar well-known, everyday, common, accustomed
unfamiliar unknown, unusual, uncommon, unaccustomed
25. fast speedy, quick, rapid, snap
slow unhurried,  tardy, sluggish, slack

26. free self-determining, sovereign, autonomous, unrestricted
bound limited, confined, restrained, restricted
27. friend buddy, companion, mate, pal
foe enemy, opponent, rival, adversary
28. full filled, jammed, loaded, saturated
empty void, bare, depleted, vacant
29. happy cheerful, content, elated, thrilled
sad sorrowful, depressed, morose, troubled
30. high raised, elevated, lofty, towering
low sunken, subsided, low-set, bottomward

31. horizontal flush, level, flat, plane
vertical upright, perpendicular, erect, at right angles to
32. hot blazing, boiling, scorching, sizzling
cold arctic, chilly, freezing, icy
33. include insert, incorporate, keep, contain
omit exclude, delete, drop, eliminate
34. know grasp, comprehend, get the idea, fathom
misunderstand confuse, misinterpret, miss, misconstrue
35. leader master, boss, director, commander
follower minion, subordinate, yes-man, lackey

36. mend repair, fix, restore, rebuild
break damage, destroy, smash, shatter
37. minor small, slight, unimportant, inconsequential
major big, considerate, important, consequential
38. modest shy, coy, demure, diffident
immodest shameless, brazen, arrogant, coarse
39. near close-by, nearby, adjacent, in close proximity
far distant, remote, removed, far-off
40. neat orderly, tidy, spic-and-span, organised
untidy unkempt, disorderly, messy, jumbled

41. often usually, frequently, generally, repeatedly
seldom sometimes, infrequently, occasionally, hardly ever
42. open accessible, approachable, available, usable
closed limited, restricted, shut, blocked
43. peace harmony, agreement, reconciliation, accord
war battle, hostility, strife, (armed) conflict
44. plain simple, basic, unembellished, unpretentious
decorated adorned, patterned, embellished, ornate
45. relax slow down, recline, twiddle thumbs, unwind
agonize worry, feel uneasy, fret, grieve

46. question inquiry, query, investigation, inquest
answer reply, response, retort, rejoinder
47. save hoard, stash, accumulate, stockpile
spend pay out, expend, disburse, invest
48. silence stillness, quiet, calmness, hush
thunder blast, boom, crash, roar
49. soft fluffy, flexible, cushioned, pliable
hard unbendable, inflexible, rigid, unpliable
50. wealth riches, resources, money, affluence
poverty want, hardship, neediness, destitution

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.