September 30, 2015

Synonyms/ antonyms – October 2015

1. agree admit allow grant permit
disagree deny dispute differ reject
2. ace expert virtuoso master specialist
novice rookie beginner dabbler apprentice
3. allow permit grant okay consent
censor forbid ban delete restrict
4. altruistic unselfish benevolent kind generous
egocentric selfish self-interested self-indulgent stingy
5. approach come nearer advance move closer go toward
retreat go away leave depart skedaddle

6. approve laud compliment praise commend
disapprove rebuke reproach condemn blame
7. begin start introduce induce initiate
end stop complete terminate finish
8. best finest unrivalled premium prime
worst least slightest most wanting lowest
9. big huge large mammoth great
small tiny diminutive minute bantam
10. bright luminous shiny resplendent brilliant
dark gloomy dull drab dim

11. broad wide extensive outstretched expansive
narrow confined restricted thin cramped
12. civilized refined polished civil sophisticated
uncivilized coarse crude boorish uncultured
13. combine connect mix fuse merge
split divide sever break up separate
14. concrete actual factual real tangible
abstract ideal conceptual recondite intangible
15. construct build up assemble erect manufacture
destroy break demolish ruin smash

16. courteous well-mannered considerate polite respectful
discourteous bad-mannered inconsiderate rude disrespectful
17. discretion caution judgement tact discernment
carelessness disregard indiscretion negligence slackness
18. ecstasy bliss elation delight euphoria
misery woe despair sorrow agony
19. encourage aid boost spur support
discourage dishearten dispirit deter restrain
20. fair impartial just lawful unbiased
unfair partial unjust dishonest biased

21. familiar well-known everyday common accustomed
unfamiliar unknown unusual uncommon unaccustomed
22. fast speedy quick rapid snap
slow unhurried tardy sluggish slack
23. free self-determining sovereign autonomous unrestricted
bound limited confined restrained restricted
24. friend buddy companion mate pal
foe enemy opponent rival adversary
25. full filled jammed loaded saturated
empty void bare depleted vacant

26. high raised elevated lofty towering
low sunken subsided low-set bottomward
27. hot blazing boiling scorching sizzling
cold arctic chilly freezing icy
28. include insert incorporate keep contain
omit exclude delete drop eliminate
29. knowledge learning scholarship science expertise
ignorance stupidity illiteracy lack of education philistinism
30. leader master boss director commander
follower minion subordinate yes-man lackey

31. minor small slight unimportant inconsequential
major big considerate important consequential
32. modest shy coy demure diffident
immodest shameless brazen arrogant coarse
33. near close-by nearby adjacent in close proximity
far distant remote removed far-off
34. neat orderly tidy spic-and-span organised
untidy unkempt disorderly messy jumbled
35. often usually frequently generally repeatedly
seldom sometimes infrequently occasionally hardly ever

36. peace harmony agreement reconciliation accord
war battle hostility strife (armed) conflict
37. plain simple basic unembellished unpretentious
decorated adorned patterned embellished ornate
38. relax slow down recline twiddle thumbs unwind
agonize worry feel uneasy fret grieve
39. question inquiry query investigation inquest
answer reply response retort rejoinder
40. save hoard stash accumulate stockpile
spend pay out expend disburse invest

41. spiritual devotional religious divine sacred
irreverent irreligious secular sacrilegious profane
42. silence stillness quiet calmness hush
thunder blast boom crash roar
43. soft fluffy flexible cushioned pliable
hard unbendable inflexible rigid unpliable
44. specific clear-cut definite distinct explicit
vague fuzzy hazy imprecise indistinct
45. success accomplishment achievement favourable outcome attainment
failure botch blunder fiasco flop

46. sweet sugary candy-coated pleasant delicious
sour acerbic acetic unsavoury bad-tasting
47. tired exhausted weary fatigued drained
energized refreshed invigorated perked up excited
48. triumph victory achievement jubilation conquest
disaster failure catastrophe calamity mishap
49. truth veracity validity gospel authenticity
falsehood lie sham deception fraud
50. wealth riches resources money affluence
poverty want hardship neediness destitution

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.