Synonyms/ antonyms PS – Term Three 2018


1. halt stop end cease
begin start commence go ahead
2. handicap hinder hamper hold back
aid assist help boost
3. happy cheerful joyful glad
sad depressed downcast dejected
4. harmless innocuous safe innocent
harmful dangerous hurtful injurious
5. harsh severe cruel rough
mild pleasant moderate gentle

6. hasten hurry rush hustle
dawdle delay slow down delay
7. hate detest dislike loathe
love cherish like treasure
8. hazy vague cloudy foggy
clear bright well-defined certain
9. heartbroken downcast disheartened miserable
elated happy joyful cheerful
10. heavenly blissful wonderful divine
awful hellish horrible appalling

11. help aid assist support
harm hurt hinder injure
12. heroic brave bold courageous
cowardly craven fearful fainthearted
13. hidden covered covert concealed
open exposed overt visible
14. high lofty tall elevated
low lowly low-set sunken
15. honest sincere frank candid
dishonest false crooked corrupt

16. hopeful confident expectant assured
hopeless despairing depressing discouraging
17. horrible awful scary dreadful
delightful pleasant attractive agreeable
18. hot warm sizzling blazing
cold icy chilly freezing
19. huge big large colossal
small tiny little minute
20. humble modest gentle unassuming
boastful cocky bragging arrogant

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.