August 12, 2015

Synonyms/ antonyms – September 2015

1. abundant plentiful ample rich overflowing
scarce limited sparse insufficient infrequent
2. accept receive get obtain believe
decline deny refuse reject repudiate
3. achieve accomplish bring about complete effect
fail fall short flop forfeit yield
4. accurate precise exact detailed correct
inaccurate imprecise inexact vague incorrect
5. active alive involved operating effective
passive indifferent laid-back lifeless apathetic

6. advantage benefit edge favour gain
disadvantage harm loss hurt detriment
7. afraid scared frightened fearful apprehensive
confident brave bold fearless valiant
8. agile lithe nimble dexterous deft
clumsy awkward ungainly inept uncoordinated
9. always forever continually regularly evermore
never at no time not at any time irregularly nevermore
10. amateur beginner apprentice novice rookie
professional ace expert buff specialist

11. ancestor forebear, predecessor forefather forerunner
descendant heir offspring progeny scion
12. appear show present occur develop
disappear conceal hide fade retreat
13. arrive enter reach visit turn up
depart leave retreat exit evacuate
14. assemble build erect construct produce
demolish destroy crush annihilate bulldoze
15. attack beat strike hit hurt
defend protect prevent resist guard

16. attempt try endeavour aim venture
give up retreat surrender abandon resign
17. begin start commence generate initiate
end cease complete halt stop
18. big huge large colossal vast
small itsy miniature minute tiny
19. calm collected patient relaxed peaceful
agitated restless jittery anxious nervous
20. civilization culture advancement progress sophistication
barbarity primitiveness crudity savagery inhumanity

21. connect join combine link attach
disconnect disjoin sever separate detach
22. courage bravery gallantry grit valour
cowardice timidity meekness faintheartedness weakness
23. dawn daybreak morning sunrise aurora
dusk early evening twilight nightfall sunset
24. elementary basic simple fundamental rudimentary
advanced higher progressive leading state-of-the-art
25. endless boundless immeasurable infinite immense
ending bounded measurable finite limited

26. enthusiastic interested excited ardent eager
indifferent disinterested unexcited dull lethargic
27. fast quick rapid hurried swift
slow unhurried lethargic leisurely sluggish
28. formal ceremonial official established orderly
informal casual relaxed unofficial unconventional
29. good moral virtuous exemplary praiseworthy
bad evil base corrupt immoral
30. guard patrol police safeguard protect
prowl lurk roam scavenge to move stealthily

31. health well-being vigour sanity kilter
illness sickness disease malady ailment
32. honourable respectable worthy reputable noble
dastardly despicable contemptible underhand vile
33. justice fairness righteousness morality equitableness
injustice corruption dishonesty partiality unfairness
34. long drawn out elongated lengthened protracted
short abbreviated abridged condensed reduced
35. literal straightforward faithful exact word for word
figurative symbolic metaphorical florid poetical

36. mobile movable travelling portable roving
stationary fixed stable immobile settled
37. natural genuine pure honest normal
artificial fake imitation sham substitute
38. ordinary regular normal familiar standard
extraordinary irregular abnormal unfamiliar different
39. oriented balanced focused settled composed
disoriented confused lost astray discombobulated
40. permanent lasting enduring imperishable eternal
temporary ephemeral passing short-lived transient

41. reveal affirm uncover expose declare
conceal obscure cover up disguise hide
42. safe harmless protected guarded secure
dangerous risky perilous hazardous treacherous
43. same alike identical equal equivalent
different dissimilar unlike other unequal
44. strong powerful mighty tough forceful
weak powerless delicate frail vulnerable
45. sane level-headed steady sensible reasonable
flaky wacky goofy nutty eccentric

46. sustain keep up continue maintain preserve
stop hinder obstruct block interrupt
47. symmetry proportion similarity balance correspondence
asymmetry disproportion dissimilarity imbalance irregularity
48. sympathy pity compassion understanding affinity
antipathy animosity antagonism meanness disagreement
49. task assignment duty chore burden
pastime leisure hobby diversion recreation
50. wisdom insight prudence discernment judgement
folly ignorance imprudence stupidity insensibility

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.