Synonyms/ antonyms – Term Four 2017 High Schools

1. obdurate stubborn, mulish, pig-headed,
flexible adaptable, responsive, complaisant,
2. obliging considerate, helpful, accommodating,
discourteous inconsiderate, sullen, unaccommodating,
3. oblivious unaware, heedless, inattentive,
alert aware, heedful, conscious,
4. obnoxious annoying, horrid, unpleasant,
pleasant likeable, amiable, agreeable,
5. obscene indecent, improper, coarse,
proper decent, respectable, refined,

6. obvious clear, evident, apparent,
ambiguous, unclear, hidden, obscure
7. odious, offensive, vile, loathsome
agreeable, charming, delightful, congenial,
8. offbeat, eccentric, strange, outré
ordinary, normal, common, conventional,
9. old-fashioned, outdated, old hat, obsolete
current modern, trendy, contemporary
10. omit, leave out, disregard, exclude
keep, insert, put in, include

11. onerous, difficult, arduous, taxing
easy, effortless, facile, undemanding
12. optimistic, buoyant, positive, expectant
pessimistic, cynical, negative, despondent
13. optional, voluntary, elective, non-compulsory
obligatory, required, mandatory, compulsory
14. opulence wealth, affluence, prosperity
poverty dearth, scarcity, indigence
15. orderly, methodical, organised, systematic
disorderly, mixed up, disorganised, haphazard

16. originate, begin, emerge, start
end, stop, cease terminate
17. ostentatious, flashy, garish, swanky
plain, simple, modest, low-key
18. ostracise ignore, shun, avoid
accept, approve, include, admit
19. outstanding excellent, superior, exceptional
mediocre, inferior, pedestrian, unexceptional
20. overt open, apparent, public
covert secret, hidden, disguised

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.