Synonyms/ antonyms – Term Four 2017 Primary Schools

1. obey follow, adhere to, abide by,
disobey defy, disregard, transgress,
2. object disagree, dispute, oppose,
accept agree, consent, comply,
3. obstacle barrier, hindrance, handicap,
aid benefit, help, crutch,
4. obtain get, acquire, procure,
forgo give up, forfeit, hand over,
5. obvious clear, evident, apparent,
ambiguous unclear, hidden, obscure,

6. odd strange, peculiar, queer,
normal, regular, common, customary
7. offend, insult, annoy, upset
please, calm, soothe, appease,
8. official, formal, authorised, legitimate
unofficial, informal, unauthorised, casual,
9. often, frequently, regularly, generally
seldom infrequently, irregularly, rarely
10. old-fashioned, outdated, old hat, obsolete
current, modern, trendy, contemporary

11. omit, leave out, disregard, exclude
keep, insert, put in, include
12. onset, beginning, outset, commencement
end, completion, conclusion, finish
13. openly, frankly, candidly, honestly
secretly, covertly, slyly, stealthily
14. oppose resist, fight, obstruct
aid support, accept, agree
15. orderly, methodical, organised, systematic
disorderly, mixed up, disorganised, haphazard

16. ordinary, normal, common, everyday
extraordinary, abnormal, distinctive exceptional
17. originate, begin, emerge, start
end, stop, cease, terminate
18. outside external, extraneous, foreign
inside, internal, interior, inward
19. outspoken frank, open, explicit
tactful, reserved, cautious, diplomatic
20. overt open, apparent, public
covert secret, hidden, disguised

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.