July 28, 2017

Synonyms/ antonyms – Term Three 2017 High Schools

1. baffle puzzle, amaze, confuse,
clarify elucidate, explain, explicate,
2. bad evil, wrong, mean,
good virtuous, right, honourable,
3. baleful baneful, harmful, menacing,
advantageous promising, helpful, auspicious,
4. bamboozle cheat, deceive, bluff,
help support, clarify, decipher,
5. barbaric uncivilised, coarse, cruel,
cultivated civilised, cultured, gracious,

6. basic elementary, essential, fundamental,
secondary, complementary, inessential, supplementary
7. begin, start, commence, initiate
end, stop, complete, cease,
8. beneficial, helpful, advantageous, benign
harmful, detrimental, malicious, pernicious,
9. bizarre, strange, odd, extraordinary
normal commonplace, regular, ordinary
10. blame, accuse, condemn, reproach
acquit, forgive, excuse, absolve

11. bless, laud, glorify, sanctify
curse, damn, accuse, swear
12. bliss, joy, ecstasy, happiness
misery, sorrow, agony, woe
13. boffin, expert, ace, whizz-kid
beginner, novice, amateur, apprentice
14. boring dull, unexciting, commonplace
interesting exciting, fascinating, eventful
15. brave, bold, courageous, valiant
cowardly, afraid, fearful, craven

16. Brobdingnagian, big, gigantic, enormous
Lilliputian, small, minute bantam
17. bright, shining, radiant, glowing
dark, dim, dull, gloomy
18. brutal cruel, vicious, savage
gentle, kind, generous, compassionate
19. bumptious brash, arrogant, boastful
humble, modest, unassuming, respectful
20. bunkum balderdash, baloney, bilge
truth veracity, sense, sensibility

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.