May 4, 2017

Synonyms/ antonyms – Term Two 2017 High Schools

1. naïve natural, artless, unaffected,
sophisticated formal, pretentious, cosmopolitan,
2. nasty mean, hurtful, hostile,
nice pleasant, gentle, affable,
3. near close by, nearby, neighbouring,
far distant, remote, removed,
4. neat spotless, tidy, immaculate,
messy sloppy, untidy, unkempt,
5. need necessity, want, requirement,
luxury comfort, accessory, bonus,

6. needy poor, deprived, impoverished,
wealthy, rich, prosperous, affluent
7. nefarious, villainous, vile, criminal
honourable, respectable, virtuous, good,
8. neglect, disregard, indifference, oversight
care, concern, responsibility, consideration,
9. negligible, slight, trifling, insignificant
important major, consequential, significant
10. nervous, anxious, edgy, jittery
calm, collected, steady, composed

11. newbie, novice, newcomer, beginner
veteran, old hand, old-timer, expert
12. new-fangled, new-fashioned, contemporary, up-to- date
old-fangled, old-fashioned, dated out-of- date
13. nifty, smart, excellent, sharp
inferior, poor, second-rate, lousy
14. nightly nocturnally, every night,
daily diurnally, day-to- day quotidian
15. nimble, handy, dexterous, agile
clumsy, awkward, inept, butterfingered

16. nonsense, idiocy, foolishness, balderdash
sense, sensibility, purpose, significance
17. noisy, loud, rowdy, rackety
quiet, silent, still, mute
18. normal ordinary, usual, commonplace
abnormal, odd, extraordinary, irregular
19. noxious toxic, noisome, dangerous
healthy, benign, beneficial, wholesome
20. numb insensible, unfeeling, torpid
sensitive sensible, responsive, perceptive

*Three types of antonyms (gradable, complementary and relational) can be distinguished. Word meanings are context-dependent.